5 Ways to gain more followers on Instagram

1. Make your profile private sometimes

You should always post content and keep your followers engaged, but if you are going through one of those weeks when this is your last priority, consider making your profile private for a day or two. In this scenario, you don’t have new content that brings in new followers by riding the trending sections or hashtags.

As you know, private profiles are not visible unless you follow them and they follow you back, so what most people do is hit that follow button out of curiosity. You might have done it a few times as well so you know it works. Just make sure to keep the visible information, like your profile pic as interesting as possible!

2. Give that ❤ and comment

Find content from people that don’t follow you yet and be nice to them. If you already have a few hundred followers, chances are that a like from you will mean a lot to someone new to instagram, someone that is trying out some things. Let them know you like their posts – tell them in the comments.

You might also consider following them if their profiles are nice. Just be careful not to overdo it – people hate bots and you don’t want to look like one.

3. Posts dedicated to followers

Nothing beats good content. You might want to try out new formats or topics, that open up new opportunities. You can only post so many photos of the same thing, so spice it up. Did you ever consider writing something meaningful and use a gorgeous design for it? One thing that always fits in well in any profile is a message to your followers, like a quote that might brighten someone’s day or maybe a thank you post. Your followers will appreciate you more if you let them know what you stand for.
What makes this a lot easier to do is to have a source of inspiration. We compiled a list of designs you can look at and you can also use them if you want. We love you guys, so they are completely free.

4. Make your posts pop ✨

There is nothing that catches someone’s eye more than a nicely done design. Filters work for photography but something a lot of people don’t know is that posts with a message receive a lot of comments and usually start a conversation among followers. There are apps you can use to make that happen. Simply adding some text to your images is not going to cut it, you need a nice design. Consider using our app, for instance. You can pick a design made by a pro and hit the ground running with it. It’s all free 🤗.

5. Ask questions

Posts that engage more with users are always going to do better on any social platform. Instagram encourages content that starts a conversation. It gets you trending easier and it forms a community among your followers. What better way to start a conversation than to ask a question? Take a picture of where you are or of what you are doing and simply ask “Where was your last vacation?” or ask for advice “Which dress should I pick?”. People will answer.

Give us some love 🙌

Give these 5 techniques a try and let us know if they work or not. Give us some love on instagram and don’t forget to stay inspired 🍀!