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Say Thank you! to your followers

You may have seen it in your feed: “Thank you for 1000 Followers!” or “Thank you for 1 year of success!”. Every once in a while you will feel the need to thank your audience. Don’t hold back, show them that love ❤ and let them know you appreciate everything you accomplished with their help.

And while you have a lot of melancholic feelings, thinking about when you first started posting, think about what is the best way to convey that in a post. You want the best design for such a joyous occasion. The best design you can go for is a simple design. Find a picture from a few years ago, preferably the one of which you are most embarrassed about now (we all grow, we all end up cringing at our past self). Tone it down a bit using a filter, so you can set the stage for the important message:

Thank you, I am here because of you! 🙏

Just make sure to say what is in the deepest parts of your heart. Your followers live your story with you and they will feel like they are part of your journey if you let them in your heat 💖

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