HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 7 Adorable story ideas for Instagram (2019)

Happy Birthday My love Instagram Template

Saying Happy Birthday to someone is personal. It deserves a lot of attention. Here are examples of cute ways to celebrate, using the modern version of birthday cards. Send these over Instagram Stories or maybe a messaging app.

Happy Birthday Story

Consider using your own, personal photo, ideally with the person you are sending the good wishes to. You can modify and customise these designs, kind of like using Photoshop, but way easier. And it’s free. Do this using our app, available on both iOS and Android. You can also just download the images you find on this page, they are a freebie from us. Using the app gives you so much more power, though 🚀.

You can find and also edit this design in our app. Download it on iOS and Android.

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Here’s the thing. We make designs like these every week and we add them to the app. There’s hundreds to choose from and you can also make your own. Give it a try. Download it on iOS and Android.

Here is me playing around with the app, so you get an idea before you download:

Inside the app, you will find hundreds of templates that you can customise, as well as dozens of fonts, assets and tools. You can also find thousands of stock photos if you need them.

If you’re looking for more awesome templates to express love, you should definitely check out 31 Powerful Valentine’s Day Story Templates for 2019. You can quickly change the message on them to say “Happy Birthday” and keep the design, which is awesome.

31 Powerful Valentine's Day Story Templates

31 Powerful Valentine’s Day Story Templates

So what are you going to send out – is it going to be a story or a post? Write your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll let you know my favorite design, although it might not be a surprise 😍


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